Scimitar – Nordic Folkboat

Scimitar of Mandal is a Nordic Folkboat, built in Norway during 1960.  Her owner, John Forbes, is preparing her for her 50th birthday by means of a fairly substantial restoration.   She is planked in larch over bent oak timbers and fastened with roved copper nails.


Scimitar is currently in ‘Shed 4’ at Port Edgar and work has been underway for some time.  Planking has been stripped back (inside and outside) and much of her internal fitout has been carefully removed and set aside.

The major elements of the restoration include a more or less complete re-fastening of the planking (copper really should last a bit longer than 50 years – but this lot has not), assessment of the backbone and ballast keel fastenings, the usual remedial work to broken timbers, re-instatement of an area of decking, structural repairs to the (rig supporting) coachroof and repairs to planking (chainplates, old below-waterline hull fittings etc).

John, with friends, is undertaking most of the work (with about 2,500 copper nails to draw and replace there is a lot of work!!!).  I’m providing the woodworking skills, some guidance on techniques and generally helping out where necessary.

I hope to post a few pictures as work proceeds.  She’s a great boat who has been well cared for by only 3 owners over the last 50 years.  It will be good to help give her a new lease of life – and hopefully provide a good basis for her to remain in service for the next 50 years.

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